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70% of migrants in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkatta are from rural India; leaving their homes due to lack of economic opportunities. The traditional livelihoods – farming, fishing, pottery - have become increasingly vulnerable to climate change, uncertain monsoons, and land and population pressure. This migration results in underdeveloped rural areas, a deeply negative view about rural life and an erosion of local cultural traditions and skills, that can be lost forever.

We believe that agro-community based tourism can lead to rural development, which will slow the process of migration; in the long run. We also believe that rural tourism can increase environmental sustainability. Bringing tourism to rural homes not only creates an incentive for village stakeholders to keep their homes, beaches and forests clean but also instills a sense of pride towards their natural environment.

Village tourism is the need of the day. Today in the growing era of globalization, indigenous work forms are getting slowly extinct. It is a challenge to keep villages and the associates to the villages thriving from the onslaught of globalization. Agro-Community Tourism to be more specific is the only answer.

As mankind is assessing the damage to the environment and its effects on the present generation and much deeper on the future generations, Indian villages have a unique opportunity to present a sustainable, viable way of functioning to the world. Generations thru, Indian villages have functioned in close proximity with its surrounding environment. Today, it is essential the world learns a lesson or two from this. It is thus imperative that the villages are saved from being extinct.

By involving the village into the tourism activity, ensures sustainable economic opportunity for the entire village stakeholders- farmers, fishermen, potters, weavers, children, youth, women, men and senior citizens.

As part of your holiday, Culture Aangan offers you varied opportunities to engage yourself with local communities.

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